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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History


1996: This Hummer (H1) was at the Four Wheel Drive 4WD Field Day but unfortunately the dealers couldn't be persuaded to take it on the test track.

The right hand drive conversion is done by the importer Auto's America of Perth WA and the interior is just a little bit more luxurious than the military model!

It's getting around; it was at the national 4x4 show Melbourne too.

The Victorian dealer is Macquarie Corporation p/l. The bad news is that these civilian Hummers will set you back quite a bit depending on specifications.

Hummer 1996-1998

  • 2-door ute, 4-door ST, or 4-door, hard-top, 4-seats
  • loa: 4686mm, width: 2197mm, height: 1905mm
  • approach: 72, departure: 37
  • turning radius: 8.1m
  • weight: 2921kg (petrol), 2789kg (diesel), 2821kg (turbo-d) (unladen), GVM: 4671kg
  • engine: 6.5L V8, diesel,
  • turbo-diesel option:
    power 145 at 3400, torque: 583 at 1800
  • transmission: 4a, full-time 4x4 with centre diff and diff lock
  • suspension: indep-coil/indep-coil, brakes: disc/disc

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