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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History


Jeep has made the 4.7 litre V8 (petrol) engine (162 at 4700r, 390 at 3200ropm) available, as an alternative to the straight six, in the base Laredo Jeep Grand Cherokee. The V8 comes with the `45RFE' 5-speed automatic gearbox. The `Quadra Drive' four wheel drive system, i.e. the Quadra-Trac II transfer case with front and rear Vari-Lok LSDs, is an option. The Quadra Trac transfer case drives the rear wheels normally, but if there is wheel slip a pump raises hydraulic pressure to a multi-disc clutch thus sending drive to the front axle.
  • station wagon, 5 seats, 4 doors, ABS and dual air-bags
  • loa: 4500mm, width: 1800mm, height: 1690mm
  • approach: 37, departure: 30, ramp break over: 363
  • turning radius: 5.95m
  • weight: 1810kg (unladen), GVM: 2360kg, towing: 3500kg (braked)
  • Engines:
    • V8 4701cc, petrol (87 octane), sequential mpefi, 2-valves/cyl, sohc
      • bore: 93.0mm, stroke: 86.5mm, c.r.: 9.3:1
      • cast iron block, alloy heads
    • 6-cyl 3956cc, petrol, 6-cyls, efi, 2-valves/cyl, ohv
      • bore: 98.45mm, stroke: 86.7mm, c.r.: 8.75:1
    • 5-cyl turbo diesel by VM, 2-valves/cyl (not .au)
    • transmission: 5 speed auto (V8), transfer case: 2 speed (lo 2.72:1), quadra-trac, centre open diff' with viscous coupling and lock
    • suspension: live-coil/live-coil, brakes: disc/disc
    • tyres: P215/75 R15 on 7x15 alloy wheels or P225/70 R16 Goodyear Wrangler HP on 7x16 alloy wheels,
      fuel-tank: 86L
    • prices: Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 Six Cylinder 53,500, V8 Laredo 57,400. V8 Laredo with Quadra-Drive 59,950. Grand Cherokee Limited V8 67,950 and Grand Cherokee Limited with Quadra-Drive 70,500. ( 6/2000)
    • Notes: monocoque construction.
    • jeep2.jpg

      Ford acted as second supplier of the Willys Overland design which won the Army's contract for a light four wheel drive. After the war, Willys took the word `Jeep' as a trade-mark which must have been a sore disappointment to Ford!