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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History



The 2000 Diablo has a revised 6-litre V12 engine with slightly more power (405kW at 7100rpm) and torque (620Nm at 5500rpm) than before. It is said to accelerate from 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds. Should you take it shopping, the front can be raised at the press of a button to negotiate the shopping centre's ramps. The gearbox has 5 forward ratios and drives into a 4 wheel drive, viscous traction system on the VT; the SV model has conventional rear wheel drive.

  • coupe, 2-seats, 2-doors
  • loa: 4470mm, width: 2200mm (mirrors), height: 1105mm
  • wheelbase: 2650mm, track: 1610mm/1670mm
  • weight: 1625kg (unladen), distribution front:rear 41%:59%
  • 5992cc, petrol, 60 V12, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
  • bore: 87mm, stroke: 84mm, c.r.: 10.7:1
  • power: 405kW at 7100rpm, torque: 620Nm at 5500rpm
  • transmission: 5m (2.31:1, 1.52:1, 1.12:1, 0.88:1, 0.68:1; rev 2.125:1), 4x4 with viscous coupling to front on `VT', transfer case to rear 1.619:1, front diff' 2.812:1, rear diff' 2.410:1
  • suspension: indep/indep, brakes: disc/disc
  • tyres: 235/35ZR18 front, 335/30ZR18 rear, fuel-tank: 100L