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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History


We seem to have been waiting an age for the "soft" 4WD Mazda, long preceded by concept cars and [show cars] but here it is at last. Basically the Tribute 4x4 is a twin to the Ford Escape, step sibling to the Land Rover Freelander and outright rival to the likes of the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa FE and Toyota Rav4.

Like all of the above the Mazda is in concept a front wheel drive, transverse engined car, jacked up a bit with a rear drive added.

  • Mazda Tribute V6 4x4 2001
  • station wagon, 5-seats, 4-doors, ABS, EBD, airbags
  • loa: 4395mm, width: 1800mm, height: 1715mm
  • wheelbase: 2620mm, track: 1550mm/1530mm (V6), grnd clearance: 214mm (V6)
  • approach: 30, departure: 32, ramp break over: 159
  • turning radius: 5.6m
  • weight: 1576kg - 1582kg (unladen), towing: 750kg (unbraked)
  • V6
    • 2976cc, petrol (std unleaded), V6, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
    • bore: 89.0mm, stroke: 79.5mm, c.r.: 10.0:1
    • power: 150kW at 6000rpm, torque: 266Nm at 4700rpm
  • (4-cyl
    • 1989cc, petrol (std unleaded), 4-cyl, mpfi, 4-valves/cyl, dohc
    • bore: 84.8mm, stroke: 88.0mm, c.r.: 9.6:1
    • power: 97kW at 5400rpm, torque: 183Nm at 4500rpm )
  • transmission: 5m (4-cyl) / 4a (V6), front wheel drive, with rear wheel drive automatically engaged
  • suspension: McPherson strut/ multi-link, brakes: disc/drum
  • tyres: 215/70R16 or 235/70R16, fuel-tank: 62L


Mazda B2600 / B2500 4x4

  • cab-chassis/ cab-plus/ dual cab (DX or SDX)
  • weight: 1480-1660kg, GVM 2825-2910kg, towing 700kg (unbraked)
  • track: 1430mm/1420mm, turning radius 6.3m
  • petrol 2.6L 12-valve 4-cyl sohc mpfi
    • bore: 92mm, stroke: 98mm, c.r. 8.4:1,
    • power: 92kW at 4600rpm, torque: 206Nm at 3500rpm
  • turbo-diesel 2.5L 12-valve 4-cyl sohc
    • bore: 93mm, stroke: 92mm, c.r. 19.8:1
    • power: 86kW at 3500rpm, torque: 280Nm at 2000rpm
  • transmission: 5-speed manual, 2-speed transfer case (1.0:1 hi, 2.21:1 lo), LSD
  • brakes: disc/drum, suspension indep / live+leaf
  • tyres 205R16C-8 on 16x6JJ wheels