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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History
55 series

Toyota LandCruiser FJ55 Station Wagon

[4WD: picture of 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 4x4, jpeg]
Above: 1978 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55 on Moreton Island after rain - Tony Wright
[4WD: picture of K. Manning's 1973 Toyota LandCruiser FJ55, jpg]

Right: Kerry Manning's Toyota LandCruiser FJ55 at The Garden Of The Gods, Colorado Springs CO. The first owner bought the vehicle in 1973, in Aspen. He/she owned it for a few years before selling it to the S's of Lyons, CO. There a snow plow [plough] was fitted to the front. It spent most of its life outside with the snow plow on all the time, used only for about 5 months of the year, to plow snow out of his driveway. The in August I purchased it for 1750, plow and all. I began cleaning and prep'ing the rust. Recently, I've repaired the rust with steel, carpeted the interior, put in an AM/FM cassette, and done a good deal of painting inside and out. I have changed every fluid and replaced the entire clutch (Toyota heavy duty), from the cylinders to the plate and everything in between. I have also overhauled the brakes. Other additions - new battery, plugs and switches, rewired lights to accommodate four Hella 500 halogens. There is still more to do!

Specifications: Toyota LandCruiser FJ55LG 1969-1974

Station wagon, 2 bench seats, 4doors, shoulder safety belts, front and lab belts rear.
Overall length: 4,675mm, 184.0 inches, width: 1735mm, 68.3inches, height: 1865mm, 73.4inches, wheelbase: 2700mm, 106.3 inches, track: 1404mm, 55.3inches/ 1,400mm, 55.1inches, grnd clearance: 210mm, 8.3inches, turning radius: 20.5 feet, 6.2m
2-valves/cyl OHV, Displacement:3,878cc, 236.7 cubic inches, Carb: One double barrel, down-draft,
Bore: 90mm, 3.54inches, Stroke: 101.6mm, 4inches, Compression: 7.8 to 1, 10.3 kg/cm2, 145 psi at 200 r? Firing Order:1-5-3-6-2-4
Power: NET:138HP at 4,000r, GROSS:155 HP at 4,000r, Torque: NET:213ft-lb at 2,200r, GROSS:230ftlb at 2,300r,
Transmission: 3spd 1st: 2.76, 2nd 1.70 w/ sync, 3rd 1.00 w/ sync, reverse 3.67, - a four speed was available as an option with sych on all fwd gears
Transfer-case: 2 speed, helical sliding, low:2.31, high: 1.00
Suspension: leaf with oil charged shocks and rear torsion bar and anti sway bars on each axle, brakes: 4 drum until 76 where front disc std.
Axles: front: full floating, 1,150kg, 2500lbs, Rear: semi-floating, 2300kg, 5000lbs, Gear ratio:3.70 or 4.11
Tyres: 7.60-15 4 PR LT, Fuel-tank: 90 liters-23.8 US gallons 19.8 imperial gallons
Radiator Cap:16.7liters, 17.7qts US, 14.7 qts imperial