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4 Wheel Drive Madness


A list of some spectacular 4x4s and some not so spectacular. | 4x4 History

Volvo C303 4WD.

pictures Volvo C303 4WD

The Volvo C303 4WD is fitted with portal axles and vacuum operated diff' locks front and aft. Standard power comes from Volvo's straight - six petrol engine.

Like all forward control designs, steep descents can be "exciting", but the C303 is wider and more stable than its little brother, the Volvo C202.

Volvo C303 4x4, 1970's - Specifications

  • forward control, 5-door, hard-top (panel van) 
  • loa: 4240mm, width: 1930mm, height: 2130mm
  • approach: 45, departure: 45
  • turning radius: 5m
  • weight: 2250kg (unladen); GVM 3450kg
  • Volvo B30, 2982cc, petrol, 6-cyls, 2xCarb', 2-valves/cyl, ohv
  • bore: 88.9mm, stroke: 80mm, c.r.: 9.3:1
  • transmission: 4m, part-time 4WD, 2-speed transfer case, portal axles with hub reduction gears, front and rear diff' locks
  • suspension: live-leaf/live-leaf, brakes: drum/drum
  • tyres: 9x16", fuel tank: 85L
  • Notes: C304 LWB cab-chassis
    4140 military soft-top, 4141 military hard-top
    C306 / 4143 6x6 version, there was also an 8x8 prototype

Volvo TP21, L2104 Command Car

Vol vo  L 2104  4 x 4

The Volvo L2104 is a four-wheel drive radio and command vehicle built for the Swedish army. Prototypes were developed in 1952 and production ran from 1956 to the end of the decade.

Volvo L2104

  • command car, 5-seats, 4-doors
  • loa: 4.6m, width: 1.9m
  • approach: 30, departure: 30
  • turning radius: 6m
  • weight: 2850kg (unladen), GVM: 3200kg
  • Volvo ED, 3670cc, petrol, 6-cyls, 2-valves/cyl, side-valve
  • transmission: 4m (Volvo E9); 2-speed transfer case, part-time four wheel drive; vacuum operated rear diff' lock
  • suspension: live-leaf/live-leaf, brakes: drum/drum
  • tyres: 9.00x16, fuel-tank: 76L

Volvo S60

2001 September, below: The Volvo S60 AWD (four wheel drive) concept car.


The S60 AWD got its first showing at the 2001 Frankfurt Motor Show.

2000 August: The Volvo S60 was shown to the world's motoring media in Stockholm on 7 August 2000.

crtsy Vlvo

Sharing the V70's platform, the S60 has a 40mm shorter wheelbase at 2715mm.

Engine options are: S60 2.4 20V naturally aspirated 2.4-litre DOHC 20 valve five-cylinder engine (125 at 5900, 230 at 4500), S60 2.4T light pressure turbocharged 2.4-litre DOHC five-cylinder engine (147 at 6000, 285 at 180-5000), S60 T5 high pressure turbocharged 2.3-litre DOHC five-cylinder engine (184 at 5200, 330 at 2500-5200). The gearbox is a 5-speed automatic, with a sequential "geartronic" option on the 2.4T and T5.

Front seat occupants have front and side airbags and seat belt pretensioners for protection. A side air curtain protects front and rear occupants. ABS brakes and brake force distribution are standard, with traction control on the 2.4T. Tyres: 2.4 195/65x15; 2.4T 205/55x16; T5 215/55; optional 225/45x17.